Personalized functional medicine 

WEllness within you

Together we will improve your sleep, balance your hormones, achieve your ideal weight, clear your brain fog, enhance your immune function and restore your health once and for all.


Functional Wellness 

MNDSHFT Health is a Virtual Functional Medicine Practice providing an individualized, science-based approach to healthcare that empowers you and your practitioner to work in collaboration addressing the underlying root causes of disease and promoting optimal wellness. At MNDSHFT, we are dedicated to listening and providing simple and sustainable strategies to experience vitality and restore balance in health, in work and in life.

“ Jennifer changed the course of my life!! She was the first healthcare professional to truly get to know me and work to get to the root cause of my chronic sicknesses.  I will be forever thankful to her for her thoughtfulness, her time commitment, her wealth of knowledge, support and guidance, and her dedication to me and my wellness journey! Words cannot express how grateful my heart and health are to her!!! Anyone to cross paths with Jennifer is blessed! She is simply the best!!”    

– Lauren B.

Transform in your home

Virtual Functional Medicine

Partner with MNDSHFT worldwide, via zoom or video conferencing. Structured concierge healthcare allows for more time in your day, ease of scheduling, and direct access to innovative, precise health solutions. No traffic. No parking. More time for you. 


Restored Sleep


Up-Leveled Performance


Reduced Inflammation


Radiant Skin


Sharpened + Inspired Mind


Focused Nutrition


Improved Digestion


Balanced Hormones


Sustained Energy


Enhanced Immune Function

Note From the Founder:

I understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed and overbooked. Without intentionality, when you are focused on personal and professional growth, it’s easy to let your health slip. You may wake up wondering why your body seems to be fighting against you and your health impeding your performance. It is not uncommon to see high-achieving professionals and successful executives burned out and unwell! 

You deserve the opportunity to thrive, with strong, resilient health that fuels your daily life. This is why I started MNDSHFT Health, to provide cutting-edge strategies & solutions that support your specific lifestyle, optimize your time and prevent illness.  I want you to experience vitality.

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