The power or intentional rest with MNDSHFT Health

There is life-changing freedom to be found when we relinquish the guilt of slowing down. When our every worldly instinct is willing us to keep up with the velocity of life, our families, and our careers, it can take practice to adjust to prioritizing an earlier bedtime, a later alarm, or intentional rest on the weekend. Sometimes, what’s standing in our way is the pressure we burden ourselves with, that persistent voice that tells us that we need to show up no matter what, accomplish impossible lists, and put endless feats ahead of our well-being. Sound familiar? Perhaps, before we make that internal commitment to ourselves, what we need most is a mindset shift so that we can transition from fast-paced, to feeling peace and understanding of why we’re doing it.

SHIFT Your Mindset

To shift our outlook, we need to think about who we are and who we want to be. For lasting changes, we need to identify our why and truly understand it. Sitting quietly (which can often be the most challenging part), digging a little deeper, and working through this exercise will help us determine what forces are driving us towards our goal. Use a journal to document your thoughts. A challenge for many can be framing our mindset positively. Instead of thinking about our pain points or focusing on negative emotions, think of the benefits achieving your goals will give you. Instead of using an ongoing health symptom as your motivation, consider shifting your mindset to how it will feel to wake up with energy, strength, and feeling full of life. Focus on how you will feel.
When you solidify your why, setting intentions becomes clearer and more aligned, and you can take action to achieve your goals. When we understand our why, we can make decisions every day to support our intentions— and the guilt and conflict within us lifts.
While on this journey, it is essential for us not to think of rest as a compromise or indulgence; instead, we need to think of rest as a vital first step in our daily routines to work towards our highest selves. We can encourage others in our lives to do the same and focus our energy on changing the way we speak about rest by removing the fear, guilt, and justification of others. And when we do, we stop allowing others to project those burdens onto us, and suddenly even our boundaries are clearer.

Benefits of Intentional Rest

When we rest, we not only reap physical benefits—reduced stress, mood improvement, better cellular function, reduced risk of severe health issues—we allow our emotional well-being to be optimized. We give ourselves the time and space to gain clarity and recalibrate. When we nurture ourselves through proper rest, we allow ourselves the space to realign, reassess and be more intentional with our energy. A state of rest takes a different form for everyone—we are, after all, unique in our thoughts, actions, and mindsets. Your state of rest is the practice that serves you; it’s non-negotiable in your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.
Simple rituals like meditation, breathwork, prayer, and yoga can profoundly affect your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. While you’re relaxing your body and calming your mind, these rest rituals can also help us sleep better and longer. So if you’re ready to restore a sense of calm, this is your sign to try something new!

How MNDSHFT Health Can Empower You

As we look ahead to the start of a new month and year, I encourage you to take this opportunity and think about your intentions for 2022. Is rest a long-overdue priority? Suppose the answer is yes, or perhaps you feel like you need guidance in decluttering your thoughts and shifting your mindset. In that case, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Functional Medicine Practitioners to learn about our MNDSHFT Method and begin your health transformation.
Powered by functional medicine, MNDSHFT Health offers holistic and sustainable well-being strategies to support you in achieving optimal wellness. Our practitioners will work with you to transform your mindset and empower you to reach your fullest potential in our virtual health consultations.

Join Us

Whether you select a private 1:1 Holistic or Vitality Journey, or engage in our interactive functional medicine course, your dedicated practitioner will use the proven MNDSHFT Method to transform symptoms like chronic stress and fatigue, hormone imbalances, bloating and digestion issues, thyroid dysfunction, stubborn weight, and more. Our plans are highly personalized to change the course of your life and equip you to achieve optimal health and wellness.