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Jennifer Wheeler, NP-C

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Founder, MNDSHFT Health

Jennifer Wheeler, MSN, MS, NP-C is a board-certified primary care nurse practitioner, clinical physiologist, functional medicine practitioner and multi-passionate entrepreneur.  She has richly enjoyed her nearly 20 years in the healthcare field, caring for patients across the lifespan in the neurosurgical ICU, operating room, regenerative medicine and primary care settings.

Her mind & motivation shifted while practicing family medicine.  Jennifer realized 10 minute visits to address symptoms, a pharmaceutical approach to treatment and a focus on managing disease was not what the majority of her patients needed or even wanted. Health is not the absence of disease, Jennifer believes, “health is living a life of vitality.” She found traditional medicine’s standard labs are compared to a broad range and are not enough of an indication to help her patients figure out what was at the root of their symptoms.  

Jennifer’s desire to invest more personalized time with her patients, listening to how they interact with their environment, taking a deeper dive into their personal background and mindset, lead her to discover the functional medicine approach to healthcare. She believes a practitioner should focus on preventing chronic illness and finding the root causes of disease, to truly provide what her clients need to live a full life with their health being at the epicenter. 

Jennifer created MNDSHFT Health to provide a personalized, wholistic approach to healthcare and aims to always give her clients the time and care they deserve. She specializes in creating individualized transformation programs that clinically investigate the underlying causes of chronic disease, with a focus on hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, hormone imbalance, digestive disorders and brain health. 

When Jennifer’s clients dedicate themselves to MNDSHFT’s framework, they not only begin to heal, they gain clarity of the mind and can feel healthier than they ever thought possible. Jennifer guides her clients in their own personal health journey, with honesty, dedication and compassion.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Master of Science in Nursing, Thomas Jefferson University 

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Institute for Functional Medicine 

School of Applied Functional Medicine 

Clinical Physiologist

Master of Science in Physiology, Columbia University  

Brittany flood

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Britney is a 13 year veteran in traditional healthcare, with the majority of her time spent as a certified emergency nurse. During her first pregnancy, she experienced first hand the lack of quality prenatal and postnatal care. She became certified as an integrative health practitioner to pursue her passion in providing women with the support and knowledge needed to nourish their bodies during all phases of motherhood. We are lucky to have her as a Functional Medicine Practitioner here at MNDSHFT Health.

Christine Phillips

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Bio coming soon…  

speaking engagements

Inquire below to hire Jennifer for a live talk or training on the benefits of functional medicine for your company or event.  Speaking engagements and trainings can focus on your individualized needs, including: increasing energy + cognitive function, stress reduction techniques, gut-brain connection, toxin elimination, healthy metabolism, mindset shift for clarity and focus, daily routines for increased productivity and more.

“Leaving no stone unturned, I take a deep dive into your unique expression of health, by looking at how you interact with the world around you and the world within you.”

Jennifer Wheeler

Founder, MNDSHFT Health



Your time is invaluable.  The MNDSHFT program approach is centered on active listening and being present in connection.  This allows your convenient visits to be efficient and productive.


No more guessing, researching, or endless health recommendations. The overwhelm is over.  The true answer is within your own body.  Your MNDSHFT program will provide defined and sustainable strategies to support you in the path forward.


Everything you choose can make you feel better or worse. It’s your time to live with purpose.  You will engage a mindset shift, to approach your health with strength, passion and the clarity needed to create positive changes.


We are geeks at heart with a true passion for studying how to biohack your body & deconstruct disease. Your individualized plan will be curated through interpretation of functional medicine lab test results & science-based application.

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